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Our client base is expanding. We continuously seek the following professionals with skills in the following areas:
six sigma cultural transformation Cultural Transformation
six sigma leadership Leadership Assessment
six sigma statistics Applied Statistics
six sigma manufacturing and transactional Six Sigma Master Black Belts for both >>Manufacturing and Transactional
design for six sigma Design for Six Sigma

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About Us
Six Sigma Services

The Knowledge Management Group Inc.

The Knowledge Management Group Inc. is a leading provider of business solutions designed to improve your organization. We partner with clients in an enterprise-wide effort to identify, reduce, and eliminate waste from each and every strategic business process. Through the deployment of our Six Sigma strategies, your people will identify, characterize, and optimize business processes based on their organizational importance, their capability to exceed customer expectations, and their potential to achieve the desired financial savings.

Our process pre-qualifies and documents business process improvement activities that quality for Revenue Canada’s Scientific Research & Experimental Development tax incentive program. In most cases, you may receive an income tax refund, up to 35% of your project costs, including our implementation services!

If you are, or plan to adopt, a quality management standard, the effective deployment of our Six Sigma program will demonstrate continual business process improvement, a key expectation of all quality management standards.

Working with The Knowledge Management Group Inc., your entire organization can improve business processes, affect product and service quality, realize federal income tax refunds, comply with quality management standards, positively influence the bottom-line, and increase customer satisfaction.

Six Sigma Strategies

What We Do

We implement strategies that identify, reduce, and eliminate waste from every product, process and transaction. We integrate statistical and Six Sigma techniques in an enterprise-wide effort to achieve business process improvement. Our approach requires defining the process function, identifying, collecting, and analyzing data, creating and consolidating information into useful knowledge

and the communication and application of such knowledge to eliminate waste. We provide a disciplined, quantitative approach for the improvement of defined metrics in Sales, Design, Development, Manufacturing, Service, and Financial processes.

We help clients recognize and develop their people and foster a learning environment. We apply detailed survey instruments that seek to identify people with an aptitude to acquire knowledge and demonstrate imagination that can deliver innovation. Through effective people and strategic business project selection your human resources will acquire and apply the knowledge necessary to characterize and optimize key business processes, affect product and service quality, positively influence the bottom-line, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and assure long-term business success.

Six Sigma History

Our History

The Knowledge Management Group Inc. was founded on the principles of our President Mr. Andrew Milivojevich. Since 1988, he has provided leadership, direction, vision, and fostered an environment of business process

improvement for a number of large organizations. He has a long and distinguished career in Corporate Canada and is a recognized authority in the application of statistical and Six Sigma methods to improve business performance. He has applied such methods to Research, Development, Operations, Service, and Government. During his career at The Woodbridge Group he pioneered the first known application of Six Sigma methods and tools in Corporate Canada in 1994. He has worked for a number of large organizations such as Magna International, The Woodbridge Group, Juran Institute, and Progressive Molded Products where he was Vice President of Quality.

Six Sigma Values

Our Vision

To be a leader to industry in the application of statistics and and Six Sigma methods to achieve organizational effectiveness.


Our Purpose

To engage and empower management in the acquistion and application of knowledge to achieve advancements that postively affects organizational effectiveness.

Core Values

Relentlessly research and apply innovative methods to educate and enable others.

Enlighten management about the virtues of process thinking to eliminate waste.

Educate and advocate statistical methods and systems thinking to cultivate new ways of thinking.

Drive the rigorous application of Six sigma to breed new ideas and innovative solutions.

Encourage the execution of innovative solutions that positively affect the bottom-line.

Six Sigma What is Six Sigma?
The Six Sigma concept was introduced at, and popularized by Motorola in their quest to reduce defects in manufactured electronic products. When used as a metric Six Sigma technically means having no more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities in any process, product, or service.

More important than the technical definition is the concept of Six Sigma as a disciplined, quantitative approach for improvement of defined metrics in manufacturing, service, or financial processes. This approach drives the overall processes of selecting the right projects based on their potential to improve performance metrics and educating the right people to get the desired results.

Improvement projects follow a disciplined process of four macro phases: Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (MAIC). A Define step is added, which relates to the appropriate selection of projects and problem definition. The purpose of each of the steps is as follows:

Measure: Select the appropriate responses (the y's) to be improved based on customer input, ensure that they are quantifiable and that we can accurately measure them. Determine what is unacceptable performance (i.e. a defect). Gather preliminary data to evaluate current performance.

Analyze: Analyze the preliminary data to document current performance (baseline process capability) and also to begin identifying root causes of defects (i.e. x's or independent variables) and their impact.

Improve: Determine how to intervene in the process to significantly reduce the defect levels. Several rounds of improvements may be required.

Control: Once the desired improvements have been made, put a system in place, then audit the system periodically to ensure the improvements are sustained.

Six Sigma EnrollmentSix Sigma Canada
The Knowledge Management Group Inc, offers Six Sigma Enrollment Programs throughout Canada.
six sigma executive overview Six Sigma Executive Overview
six sigma champion Six Sigma Champion
six sigma yellow belt Six Sigma Yellow Belt
six sigma green belt Six Sigma Green Belt
six sigma black belt Six Sigma Black Belt
six sigma master black belt Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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Six Sigma Consulting

WE ALSO OFFER Six Sigma Seminars for business process improvement.
six sigma measurement systems analysis Measurement Systems Analysis
six sigma process capability and performance Process Capability and Performance
six sigma statistical methods Advanced Statistical Methods
six sigma design and analysis of experiments Design and Analysis of Experiments
six sigma process control and management Statistical Process Control and >>Management

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Six Sigma Consulting Team

Andrew Milivojevich, Six Sigma Consultant, is not only the founder and Andrew Milivojevich president of The Knowledge Management Group, Inc., he also is a frequent speaker on Six Sigma and statistical methods to improve business performance. Read more about Andrew Milivojevich.

Our Six Sigma Advisors are exceptional at what they do. Their backgrounds and Six Sigma Consultant Teamexperience is broad. They have applied their craft to every type of business process. Combined, they have more than 100 years of professional experience. Academically, they hold professional designations, certifications, advanced degrees, and are sought after speakers. Read more about our Six Sigma Advisors.

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