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Our client base is expanding. We continuously seek the following professionals with skills in the following areas:
six sigma cultural transformation Cultural Transformation
six sigma leadership Leadership Assessment
six sigma statistics Applied Statistics
six sigma manufacturing and transactional Six Sigma Master Black Belts for both >>Manufacturing and Transactional
design for six sigma Design for Six Sigma

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Six Sigma Courses Deployment
  Six Sigma Seminars Certification Certification Process

As part of the Six Sigma certification program, Green and Black Belt candidates must complete their educational sessions, pass a written exam, and defend their Six Sigma project. Once a candidate completes their educational sessions and successfully passes their written exam they shall receive a certificate of educational completion. They will receive their official Six Sigma certification when they can successfully defend their Six Sigma project.

Six Sigma Education

Step 1: Six Sigma Education
The first step to Six Sigma certification is the completion of the prescribed days of education.

Six Sigma Written Exam

Step 2: Six Sigma Written Exam
Each Six Sigma candidate must complete a written exam, within a prescribed period of time, after the Six Sigma educational sessions are complete. A minimum passing grade of 80% is required.

Six Sigma Project Defense

Step 3: Six Sigma Project Defense
All candidates must defend their Six Sigma projects. They must show a clear comprehension of the Six Sigma body of knowledge and describe the scientific steps used to reveal a solution. Along with this, each

candidate must document his or her findings in a detailed report. Such a report shall outline the methods of data collection, the analysis performed, information created and the knowledge gained and implemented. This report will communicate the critical knowledge acquired about the strategic business process so that others may employ such knowledge to other strategic business processes if applicable.

Six Sigma Consulting Curriculum

Why Choose Our Curriculum?

Our materials were designed in collaboration with an adult education advisor. Our educational materials are easy to follow, user friendly, and have been knowledgably prepared to communicate a complete understanding of the methods used in Six Sigma.

Our Six Sigma program differs from most other Six Sigma programs. Our materials were designed so that Six Sigma candidates discover how to apply statistical methods in a scientific manner for solving critical manufacturing, administrative, and business process problems. The focus is on the in-depth understanding of Six Sigma theories and applications. Most other programs avoid the use of statistical methods through the introduction of a statistical software program. In this manner, students are taught the functionality of such software and do not acquire an in-depth understanding of the statistical tools employed by Six Sigma. Our program assures critical Six Sigma tools and methods are taught, in detail, through our materials by knowledgeable and seasoned professionals.

How Does the Deployment Process Work?

The Knowledge Management Group Inc. employ’s the “Knowledge Creation ModelTM”. This model is made up of four phase called Educate, Apply, Coach, and Communicate (EACē.) Through this strategy, we transfer our inherent knowledge into the DNA of your organization and assure that statistical and Six Sigma methods are acquired by your people and applied to your business environment.

Educate: These sessions consist of the five week long sessions that make up the Six Sigma DMIAC process.

Apply: After each of the Six Sigma phases, each candidate will apply their learning to their respective project, for a period of time, in close consultation with their business champion and Knowledge Management Group Master Black Belt.

Coach: After the appropriate period of time, a Knowledge Management Group Master Black Belt will arrange a project review session with the candidate and discuss the progress of their project and provide advice where needed.

Communicate: During the first day of each Six Sigma educational session each candidate will be required to report the status of their project with findings to the Six Sigma management steering group.


Project Tracking Software

QUALITY COMPANION is a project management software that helps you easily complete all the tasks related to developing, organizing, and managing your project. You can install Quality Companion on a network drive, allowing everyone on your team access to vital project information quickly and easily.

Quality Companion is the perfect complement to MINITAB Statistical Software. Start your project with Quality Companion for the essential soft tools and then turn to MINITAB for the crucial data analyses such as Measurement Systems Analysis (Gage R & R), Capability Analysis and DOE (Design of Experiments). Use both to make any quality initiative more efficient and consistent.


Statistical Software: MINITAB™

MINITAB is a comprehensive menu driven statistical software and graphical analysis program employed by many of the leading Six Sigma organizations around the world. Visit for license details.

Six Sigma EnrollmentSix Sigma Canada
The Knowledge Management Group Inc, offers Six Sigma Enrollment Programs throughout Canada.
six sigma executive overview Six Sigma Executive Overview
six sigma champion Six Sigma Champion
six sigma yellow belt Six Sigma Yellow Belt
six sigma green belt Six Sigma Green Belt
six sigma black belt Six Sigma Black Belt
six sigma master black belt Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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Six Sigma Consulting

WE ALSO OFFER Six Sigma Seminars for business process improvement.
six sigma measurement systems  analysis Measurement Systems Analysis
six sigma process capability and performance Process Capability and Performance
six sigma statistical methods Advanced Statistical Methods
six sigma design and analysis of experiments Design and Analysis of Experiments
six sigma process control and management Statistical Process Control and >>Management

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Six Sigma Consulting Team

Andrew Milivojevich, Six Sigma Consultant, is not only the founder and Andrew Milivojevich president of The Knowledge Management Group, Inc., he also is a frequent speaker on Six Sigma and statistical methods to improve business performance. Read more about Andrew Milivojevich.

Our Six Sigma Advisors are exceptional at what they do. Their backgrounds and Six Sigma Consultant Teamexperience is broad. They have applied their craft to every type of business process. Combined, they have more than 100 years of professional experience. Academically, they hold professional designations, certifications, advanced degrees, and are sought after speakers. Read more about our Six Sigma Advisors.

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